Who are KIN?

KIN are men and women of all ages (19+) from all walks of life, and all fields of work, with one common goal – Serving The Community’s Greatest Needs.  Whether it be a local children’s group needing support to cover hall rental or a senior in need of medical supplies, we will do our utmost to see that these needs are met.

Prior to Covid restrictions, we held two major fundraisers each year, which allowed us to make a difference in the lives of those in our local communities.  We are hoping to return to doing events in 2022.

In May we drop 4000 Rubber Ducks to benefit the Pediatrics Ward and Local Youth Groups.  In September we will host Golf Tournament.

We also make ourselves available for bartending and serving, and try to get out into the community as volunteers as much as we can.

Besides giving back to the community, being KIN offers the opportunity for personal development (leadership skills training, public speaking, event planning to name a few) as well as the chance to network while making new and lasting friendships.  The KIN mission statement really says it all:

Mission Statement

Kin Canada is a dynamic volunteer organization enriching our communities through service while embracing national pride, positive values, personal development and lasting friendships.